My iPhone Display is totally broken and damaged!

I knew that this will happen anytime – today it happend! My iPhone was falling down (not the first time) and get totally damaged.
I put it out of my bag and then it crashed down to the streets (stone). The display and the touchsreen were broken completely (as you can see on the picture).

iphone display broken

But what is amazin – it’s still working without any restriction. I can slide, use all apps, send messages and all that other stuff. It only feels a little sick because of the broken glass.

Now I have 3 opportunities:

1. Sending the iphone to an “iphone specialist” what means I don’t have the phone with me for a few days.
2. Order a new touchscreen/lcd and repair it by myself. Costs are about 250$ and I take he risk to damage it more than before because I’m talented in making things broken
3. Get a new iphone – that will cost me another 400$ and I don’t wanna pay that

Anybody out there that can help me with my problem?

I’ll let you know what I’ve done when I made my decision!

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iPSP: If Apple had designed the Sony PSP

Everybody loves the designs that Apple is creating. But we also like and need other gadgets too.
I’m a design fanatic, and ifI’m honest, there are many great gadgets out there that we like. But if you be honest – is there only one gadget that has such a clear and nice design like the Apple products? I don’t think so..

My good friend Pilau send me this picture of the “Apple iPSP”. I think if the Sony PSP would look like this I won’t let her out of my hand :-) .

For sure the design of your gadget is not all, the most important are the things it can do. But I think a little bit of that dream is in all of us?
What do you mean? Isn’t that nice? I hope the Sony guys are not envious :)

That’s what Spicu and friends want to see:


Click here to enlarge! iPsP

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