Dead Pixel in Macbook Pro 17 HD Penryn after 6 weeks

I got my new Macbook Pro now for about 6 weeks. Of course I love it, because I got the total package: 17′ Display 1920*1080 pixels with LED Backlight, 4GB of Rams, 200GB HD with 7.200 rpm… everything you need to be happy :) . But at one of the last days – I can’t believe my eyes – I’ve seen some dead pixels at the top of the display.

I’ve read some news the last weeks, that other persons had similar problems too. But most of them only get this problems after “Sleep mode” or something else. Not the same problem I have.

I’ve sent this picture to my local Apple dealer, they told me that they can replace the display but it will take about 2 weeks… 2 weeks without working? That’s impossible.

Now I’m not sure what I should do, the pixels make me nervous:). I wanted to post a complete review of the Macbook, now you people have to wait.

I’ll let you people know what I do the next days. So stay tuned!

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My iPhone Display is totally broken and damaged!

I knew that this will happen anytime – today it happend! My iPhone was falling down (not the first time) and get totally damaged.
I put it out of my bag and then it crashed down to the streets (stone). The display and the touchsreen were broken completely (as you can see on the picture).

iphone display broken

But what is amazin – it’s still working without any restriction. I can slide, use all apps, send messages and all that other stuff. It only feels a little sick because of the broken glass.

Now I have 3 opportunities:

1. Sending the iphone to an “iphone specialist” what means I don’t have the phone with me for a few days.
2. Order a new touchscreen/lcd and repair it by myself. Costs are about 250$ and I take he risk to damage it more than before because I’m talented in making things broken
3. Get a new iphone – that will cost me another 400$ and I don’t wanna pay that

Anybody out there that can help me with my problem?

I’ll let you know what I’ve done when I made my decision!

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iPSP: If Apple had designed the Sony PSP

Everybody loves the designs that Apple is creating. But we also like and need other gadgets too.
I’m a design fanatic, and ifI’m honest, there are many great gadgets out there that we like. But if you be honest – is there only one gadget that has such a clear and nice design like the Apple products? I don’t think so..

My good friend Pilau send me this picture of the “Apple iPSP”. I think if the Sony PSP would look like this I won’t let her out of my hand :-) .

For sure the design of your gadget is not all, the most important are the things it can do. But I think a little bit of that dream is in all of us?
What do you mean? Isn’t that nice? I hope the Sony guys are not envious :)

That’s what Spicu and friends want to see:


Click here to enlarge! iPsP

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The new Macbook Pro is available! Update

The new and faster Macbooks are available > Macbook Pro

But it seems to be, that there is no Design Update, they just added Multi-touch, LED backlight Displays and the faster Intel processors.
Ok that was all. The Hardware update is ok, as expected. But no Design Update!!?? That’s not cool..

Macbook Pro New

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Apple Store is offline worldwide! (Macbooks coming??)

Yeaaaaah, the Apple Store is offline. US Store, German Store and all the others…. Let’s see what’s new in a few hours!!!

Store offline

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Apple Store offline launching the new Macbook Pro?

Today could be the big day. The Apple Store should be offline the next hours. I hope this time not only the US-Store is offline, cause that means no product launch!
Many blogs rumored that new Mabook Pros or maybe new Macbooks are coming. Cause Penryn is out for a while that’s a Must!!!

Apple Store

They’re always the first with new technologies and now they let us wait! I wait now about half a year that the Macbook Pros are coming and I can buy my 17″ LED-Backlight Penryn Macbook ;) .

So good luck guys, hope we all can be happily spent our money today.

That’s what I wish it should look:

Macbook Pro 2008

>> The new Design of the Macbook Pro 2008

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The look & design of the new Apple Macbook Pro 2008 series

The new Macbook Pro is coming the next days!
Apples special event is upcoming this month and what everybody expects is the new Macbook Pro that we are all are waiting for!
Till now nobody knows how the new Macbook Pro will look like, or even if they get a new design.
What we know is that the old design is out for almost 5 years now, so it’s time for an update. And what we have learned, is that Apples new looks are all inspired by the iphone, that’s what the Macbook Air is exactly looking like. A darker grey, some black elements and even more cleaner & rounder design!

Now what do you people think what the new Macbooks Pro may look like???

That’s what spicu is thinkin, and it’s very possible that they gonna look like this:

Macbook Pro

click on the pic to enlarge!!

Let’s see if I’m right on February 26!

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Howto replace the Macbook Air battery?

The first Macbook Airs has arrived and there they are: the first reviews and an easy way to replace the battery by your own! No send in to Apple, no 5day waiting till it’s back at your home!

You can see the video to change the battery at gizmodo!

That’s what it looks like:

Macbook Air battery replacement

So thin is the Macbook Air:
Macbook air is thin

And now sit back and see some impressions!

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Apple Flagship Store in the Louvre/Paris?

As reported at 9to5mac Apple maybe lauches an Apple store at the louvre?

Apple Store France Louvre

“A huge Apple Store is coming to the Carrousel du Louvre shopping center in Paris, according to a press release by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris.

Translating the caption:

“Paris is assisting in the return of big international brands who are notably creating flagship stores on major Parisian streets in order to promote their brand image. Some of these brands, like Uniglo (rue de la Chaussée d’Antin), Sony and Agnès B (avenue Georges V) or Apple (Carrousel ) are leaving behind their spaces in department stores to instead show themselves in broad daylight on surfaces that sometimes surpass 1000 square meters. (That’s over 10,000 sq. feet)”

From Hardmac, it looks like the store will be spread over two floors and be adjacent to the world famous Louvre Museum which brings immeasurable amount of foot traffic to its doors.

Although there hasn’t been any news from Apple on the new store, they will likely take the opportunity of the local to do something special. We are looking forward to seeing what they come up with.”

I’m excited what will it looks like. I’m waiting for the new Apple Store in Munich/Germany!

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Love the new macbook air

I do! Do you?

Macbook Air
The new macbook air by apple is out and it’s great!
That’s what Apple says: “MacBook Air is ultrathin, ultraportable, and ultra unlike anything else. But you don’t lose inches and pounds overnight. It’s the result of rethinking conventions. Of multiple wireless innovations. And of breakthrough design. With MacBook Air, mobile computing suddenly has a new standard.”

If I wouldn’t wait till the new macbook pros are available I would buy that! But my hope is the Release of a new Macbook Pro 17″ the next weeks, so people press your thumbs for me :-)

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