Do you want to know what’s a real hot fashionlabel from denmark right now? Well we can tell you – it’s Humör – one of the hottest brands from scandinavia right now. Humör get’s it’s inspiration from electronic music, graffiti and the urban scene – and mixes them all to one great wearable brand for men. You can get Humoer at selected retailers world wide like Coutie. The collection features some great knits, jeans, hoodies, tees and accessories.

Some about the history:

Humoer comes from Denmark and brings fresh wind into the Fashion world! The label was created 2007 and enjoys since then over a constantly growing Beleibtheit. Owing to their innovative cuts and samples Humoer is really new. Therefore the boys of Humoer themselves call themselves as the Lego of the mode world. Each customer can combine the articles of clothing as desired like it pleases, and at the end it has its own individual Humoer Style. The Style of Humoer cannot be described with a direction, with the Designs comes the inspiration from the work clothing, Sportswear and classical Clubwear. Whether multicolored colors, 80′s illustrations or Retromuster – the Style with Humoer does not know borders. But despite all characteristics the boys put that to remain portable to still highest value on it the things! In the assortment of Humoer there is meanwhile jackets, Hoodies, T-shirt, Trackjackets, jeans, Shorts and much more!

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