10 good and free .com Domains #issue2

Hello everybody! I hope you hat some success with my last “Domain Name Guide“. It’s time for some new names. This is for everybody who is searchin for a good domain, that sounds good and that’s easy to remember!

If you’re getting sick of all that domain grabbers who took all the good names, you might like some of these:


If you’re looking for a name for your new company, homepage blog or whatever, this names might be a good choice for you. And – all of them are .com Domains. Everybody who is looking for a new domain name knows how difficult it is, to find a good name. So if you found the right one here, just go to your Webhoster and tell him to regiuster that name… You only have to pay the standard domain costs per year.

If you found a good name and take it, please let me know that. This would make me very proud

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Receive a strong Pagerank 4 starting up from 0 in 3 month

That’s it! As I promised at the beginning of this blog in the end of january, Spicu will boom the internet in just a few month. With an alexa Rank for about 200.000 in just 3 month, on saturday just happened the next great thing.

Google has updated it’s Pagerank Toolbar on May 3rd, and as you can see, Spicu.com now has a Pagerank 4. I startet with this site on January 23rd from zero. I had no pagerank, wasn’t ranked in Alexa, and got no Backlinks. The domain spicu.com wasn’t registered before by anybody else (you can check archives.org if you don’t believe!). I didn’t use no spam tactics like getiing backlinks from blog comments or spend any cent in backlinks! Spicu is a live project, and everybody who follows this blog and the Spicu Success Story, can get the same results for himself! Remember always – Spicu is a live project! I’m not a lier, I would not tell you things you will not need.

I don’t want you to get a senseless site with just some backlinks and a few users a day. You should have your own serious project, a site that makes sense to invest your (little) time!

Today I won’t let you know what I exactly did to receive this pagerank. But don’t be angry, I think there are not many sites out there that get a result next to mine. Especially with not spending any money in it! So it’s worth for you to stay tuned! I’ll show you all of my tactics within the next lesson of the Spicu Success Story.

Today the pagerank has not the same priority like before, but regardless to that, the pagerank is still a good value to compete and compare your site with others! And whatever other people think: pagerank does matter and will matter anytime, so don’t turn away completely.

And one last thing – a pagerank 4 is good, but don’t think that this was the last update by Google, that shows some respect to Spicu :-) !

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