iPSP: If Apple had designed the Sony PSP

Everybody loves the designs that Apple is creating. But we also like and need other gadgets too.
I’m a design fanatic, and ifI’m honest, there are many great gadgets out there that we like. But if you be honest – is there only one gadget that has such a clear and nice design like the Apple products? I don’t think so..

My good friend Pilau send me this picture of the “Apple iPSP”. I think if the Sony PSP would look like this I won’t let her out of my hand :-) .

For sure the design of your gadget is not all, the most important are the things it can do. But I think a little bit of that dream is in all of us?
What do you mean? Isn’t that nice? I hope the Sony guys are not envious :)

That’s what Spicu and friends want to see:


Click here to enlarge! iPsP

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The new Macbook Pro is available! Update

The new and faster Macbooks are available > Macbook Pro

But it seems to be, that there is no Design Update, they just added Multi-touch, LED backlight Displays and the faster Intel processors.
Ok that was all. The Hardware update is ok, as expected. But no Design Update!!?? That’s not cool..

Macbook Pro New

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Apple Store is offline worldwide! (Macbooks coming??)

Yeaaaaah, the Apple Store is offline. US Store, German Store and all the others…. Let’s see what’s new in a few hours!!!

Store offline

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Apple Store offline launching the new Macbook Pro?

Today could be the big day. The Apple Store should be offline the next hours. I hope this time not only the US-Store is offline, cause that means no product launch!
Many blogs rumored that new Mabook Pros or maybe new Macbooks are coming. Cause Penryn is out for a while that’s a Must!!!

Apple Store

They’re always the first with new technologies and now they let us wait! I wait now about half a year that the Macbook Pros are coming and I can buy my 17″ LED-Backlight Penryn Macbook ;) .

So good luck guys, hope we all can be happily spent our money today.

That’s what I wish it should look:

Macbook Pro 2008

>> The new Design of the Macbook Pro 2008

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Viral Marketing: The Spicu Success Story (Part1)

How can you get thousands of real visitors on your site and make some of them talking and writing about you and get free backlinks from countries all over the world?Wanna know how to promote yourself in the WWW without spending any money?

The Spicu Success StoryIn the Spicu Success Story I will show you how easy it can be!

Your site will rise and grow in a very short time, your rankings get higher every week and month. And all of that with only a few minutes of work every day!

This is a realtime Project, everything I’ll write, I’ve done with Spicu before and you can see the truth in my stats, the international rankings and much more!
This is no dirty trick how to manipulate others, it’s only a smart way using the internet as an easy platform to promote yourself to the whole world!

#1 First Lesson: The Startup

The first thing you should have is a good name. But nowadays it’s not easy to find a name that sounds (OR LOOKS) good and is easy to remind. And even if you have found this name – it has to be free as a domain!! And in a world full of Domain Grabbers and fakers this is nearly impossible!

So what can you do?
Well, what I have noticed when I was searchin for a domain name was that I don’t wanna loose time in typing in a hundred of short fantasy names in a domain-register field, to check if it is available or not. It has to be much easier! So there must be a way to search available names, maybe also with the possibility to limit your search. And there they are: the machines that do the work for you. They’re calles “Domain Name Ideas Generators”. The one I choose was makewords.com ! You don’t need to do anything more than just say how much characters your domain name should have and you get the results. I was very happy as there was the little name “spicu.com” in my results :-) .
So the thing with the name is done!

The second thing you need is a good platform, that provides you with all that stuff you must have to CAN grow! It should be a system that a) is perfect in it’s basic version for Search Engines like Google, Yahoo etc., b) has a very wide spreading all over the world, what means that many other people use also, c) is very easy to customize with plugins, themes, etc., what normaly means it has to be OPEN SOURCE! and d) is totally free!!! You shouldn’t spend money for all that!

The system I’ve chosen was WordPress. I think it’s the most popular and you can fins a lot of stuff for that.

So, now that you’ve found your system and installed it on your webserver you’re ready for the next steps.

The third step: THE VISUALS

What I think (and that’s not what everbodys thinkin), it’s very important what your site looks like and what will be your logo!

Design is not all, but it’s all! (hope you guys understand:-))

If you want to get big and reach a lot of (different) people in the whole world, with different ages, interests, etc. you should choose a clear design and something the people will remind. Something that they’ll see repeating at different websites, magazines, etc. – YOUR LOGO! So please people choose a logo that not looks exactly like the one of your favorite brand and not a standard fonttype like verdana, arial, etc. Just take somethin unique. And belive me, it’s not too hard to get. Show us your creative veins :-) .

A little tip: You can download free fonts at sites like dafont.com, and customize them a little! That’s all!

Ok when you have decided what theme (for the beginning you can use for example a free wordpress template, or other free template for the system you use) you’ll take and have your new LOGO ready your site can be published in a few further steps!

Stay tuned – in the next step you will learn some seo basics and to get your site ready to be published!

What’s the Spicu Success Story and what will I learn in the future lessons? – Learn how to get free and good Pagerank 4-5-6 links, learn how to get a lot of free backlinks from blogs all around the world, learn how to get about 15.000 Visitors at only one day, and finally learn how to make real money with your site! All of this and much more stuff you gonna learn in the Real Time Project “The Spicu Success Story”!

If you wanna be updated automatically just subscibe to our RSS Feed!

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Get the Spicu Widget for your Site or Social Profile!

Got some new stuff for all the people that love (or will love :-) ) Spicu. You can now insert my widget into your site or profile (myspace, facebook, hi5, etc..).

Just click on the options Button in the widget and get your code!
Hope you and the people who visit your site will enjoy it.

Get this widget!

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Spicu gets a new FACE!

As all you guys have seen, Spicu has a new WordPress Template since todays afternoon. It’s simple, it’s clean and it looks very nice.
I’ll offer the Theme for download in my Download Section. The “blank”-version is in work right now and will be available tomorrow.
Update 13th Feb. 2008 – Theme is now available – check out now!

Spicu WordPress Template

Thanks to my friends at dilizo and pilaupictures for helping to create this great WordPress template!!
The Template will be also available in the official WordPress Template section and some other official Template providers.

What you thinkin about my new design? Hope you like it :-) !!

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The look & design of the new Apple Macbook Pro 2008 series

The new Macbook Pro is coming the next days!
Apples special event is upcoming this month and what everybody expects is the new Macbook Pro that we are all are waiting for!
Till now nobody knows how the new Macbook Pro will look like, or even if they get a new design.
What we know is that the old design is out for almost 5 years now, so it’s time for an update. And what we have learned, is that Apples new looks are all inspired by the iphone, that’s what the Macbook Air is exactly looking like. A darker grey, some black elements and even more cleaner & rounder design!

Now what do you people think what the new Macbooks Pro may look like???

That’s what spicu is thinkin, and it’s very possible that they gonna look like this:

Macbook Pro

click on the pic to enlarge!!

Let’s see if I’m right on February 26!

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Does Google recognize your Flash site?

As we all know, a Flash movie as the index page of a site has always been a big problem with seo. Nothing of the index could be indexed!
But now there is a way for all those flash using sites!

Macromedia FlashMacromedia has a Flash Search Engine SDK that will give us just what we need. The SDK (Software Development Kit) includes an application named ‘swf2html’. Swf2html extracts text and links from a Macromedia Flash .SWF file, and returns the data to stdout or as an HTML document.

Swf2html is provided as a compiled application and as a static library for linked library implementation. For complete functionality, see the file Readme.htm included in the SDK.

In the future we want to provide you with more informations and maybe some tutorials to get your sites content indexed!
Anyone out there who has some good results till now??

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