Another Fashion Post with SS12 Must Haves

Many people out there like Shirts with cool Prints, nice sneakers, colord Chinos – all together something like the never ending Street Fashion Look.

On the following Video you find something from the new Eleven Paris Collection, which is just out now!

Also some news about the label:

The glory of Paris is largely due to his outstanding labels in fashion thanks to. Very refreshing counterpoint to the old traditional haute couture, for example, hip labels such as Eleven Paris, this small but very fine French brand enjoys great popularity among its customers. Eleven Paris always brings fresh air into the fashion scene. This is achieved through innovative and outstanding T-shirts for men and women. With his humor, his ease and rock ‘n’ roll is Eleven Paris in the fashion scene long to become a shooting star.

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shoes are maybe on of the coolest sneakers around the world. The classic style of Keds shoes is just amazing, you can wear them to classic pants, shorts or whatever you want. Keds is a classic american brand from the early 19s and you might know them for a whyle. The Keds champion now get’s a hype all over the world. People love the shoes.

Here’s some more about the brand:

In 1916, the Keds brand was introduced by the U.S. Rubber Company as the first national athletic and lifestyle footwear brand. At this time, the shoes were called sneakers, a term invented in late 1916 by Keds advertising agency because the rubber soles made the shoes quiet. Worn by fashion icons, leading actresses, Olympic soccer players and scores of National and International tennis champions, Keds has been a symbol of classic style and performance innovation throughout the 20th century. Today, Keds has a myriad of fun, fresh styles from the classic champion sneaker and sportier sneakers, to ballet flats and wedges. The future for Keds will continue to bring fashionable styles that are stylish and sophisticated and that have innovative advancements in performance, materials and prints.

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Do you want to know what’s a real hot fashionlabel from denmark right now? Well we can tell you – it’s Humör – one of the hottest brands from scandinavia right now. Humör get’s it’s inspiration from electronic music, graffiti and the urban scene – and mixes them all to one great wearable brand for men. You can get Humoer at selected retailers world wide like Coutie. The collection features some great knits, jeans, hoodies, tees and accessories.

Some about the history:

Humoer comes from Denmark and brings fresh wind into the Fashion world! The label was created 2007 and enjoys since then over a constantly growing Beleibtheit. Owing to their innovative cuts and samples Humoer is really new. Therefore the boys of Humoer themselves call themselves as the Lego of the mode world. Each customer can combine the articles of clothing as desired like it pleases, and at the end it has its own individual Humoer Style. The Style of Humoer cannot be described with a direction, with the Designs comes the inspiration from the work clothing, Sportswear and classical Clubwear. Whether multicolored colors, 80′s illustrations or Retromuster – the Style with Humoer does not know borders. But despite all characteristics the boys put that to remain portable to still highest value on it the things! In the assortment of Humoer there is meanwhile jackets, Hoodies, T-shirt, Trackjackets, jeans, Shorts and much more!

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Ragwear is a well known Streetwear brand from germany and I want to introduce you their great clothes! Ragwear is featuring jackets, hoodies and a lot more comfortable stuff… The brand exists since a few years and the collection of ragwear is getting bigger from season to season! So better check them out now and get you ragwear jacket before they are sold out!

Here’s something about the story of Ragwear:


Ragwear Jacken sind ein Muss für diesen Winter! Ragwear bietet die Leichtigkeit die es braucht um sich wohl zu fühlen. Die Klamotten sind stylish und sehen einfach gut aus. Ragwear ist eigentlich Streetwear, kann aber übergreifend getragen werden, von daher sind die Sachen der coolen Marke mein absoluter Tip für diesen Herbst! Ragwear gibt es beim ausgewählten Handel, Coutie ist einer davon!

Hier auch noch was zur GEschichte:

Ragwear wurde 1997 in Deutschland von Holger Brodkorb gegründet und ist von da ab Jahr für Jahr gewachsen und gehört mittlerweile zu den wichtigsten Streetwear Brands im Land. Der Philosophie zu Leben was man fühlt, sind die Jungs von Ragwear bis heute treu geblieben. Die Inspirationen für die Ragwear Kollektionen kommen aus der ganzen Welt und werden schließlich gemeinsam mit verschiedenen internationalen Künstlern zusammengefügt zu dem was du nacher trägst – dem eigenen und individuellen Ragwear Style! Die Klamotten von Ragwear sind meist schlicht und lassen sich gut mit deinen anderen Lieblingsteilen aus deinem Kleiderschrank kombinieren. Dabei legt Ragwear immer größten Wert auf die Verarbeitung und Qualität von ausgewählten Materialien, die der Kunde nacher in Form von Tragekomfort und Flexibilität zu fühlen bekommt. Bei uns findest du alles was das Streetwear Herz begehrt – von der Ragwear Jacke bis zum Ragwear Hoodie für Jungs und Mädels!

Source: Ragwear

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Let’s talk about some crazy Tee Styles from the UK today. The brand Amplified gots it going on! Rockn’Roll inspired t-shirts with prints of famous bands like the Stones, ACDC, Run DMC, Metallica and many more hit the front of these great shirts. Amplfied has the license of the bands for the prints, so these are no fakes, all of the band logos and prints are authentic! You can get the Amplified vintage t-shirts at selected Retailers worldwide, Coutie is one of them!

Want some more to know about Amplified? That’s the story:

Born in 2004, Amplified has evolved into one of the ottest street labels around. The diamante Rolling Stones licks T-Shirt by Amplified has become a true icon within the fashion world, although the brand now boasts a complement of headwear, accessories, jackets, footwear & obviously some of the coolest tee shirts around. We got the best selection of Amplified T-Shirt for men and women, also some specials from the Amplified Vintage collection! With celebrity fans including David Beckham, The Sugababes, Lindsay Lohan and Agyness Deyn, Amplified has fast become the definitive T-Shirt brand for fashion conscious music fans in the world!

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First pic of the new Macbook Pro 15″

Just 2 hours left, until Steve will present the neyt Macbook Pro and maybe also the Macbook models.
Today we found a new pic of a Macbook Pro that seems to be the real new design.

Spicu also has made some rumors in the past, but the pic above is much more possible:

Spicus Macbook Pro

So we’re very excited to see what’s going on tonight :) .

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Styletip: Cheap Monday Spring 2009


We’ve just seen the fabolous Spring collection by swedish brand Cheap Monday, and we want you to get to know the brand. The make skinny Jeans like no one else, you might have seen them before, the pants all have this big black skull on the backside. Cheap Monday has just released their spring collection and it’s awesome. So leave your mac alone for a while and get a pair of the New Cheap Mondays! Via cheap monday official homepage

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Uk Streetwear Label Boxfresh is introducing Footwear at Coutie! The Label features some very extraordinary premium sneakers, like the Boxfresh Sparko, Ohm 2, Volt 2 and many more.

I really think you have to take a look at Boxfresh, because the sneaekers are some of the freshest I’ve ever seen. Check out also the official Boxfresh Homepage to take a look at their clohtes.

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Today I want to show you the german jacket label Khujo! Khujo produces very much jackets for men and women and they are the biggest jacket brand in europe! You can buy Khujo jackets & clothes at german retailers like and many more!

Check the history of the label:

Why don’t we do these cool looking 70s style leather jackets fom old movies? That was the, maybe million times heard before, idea during a longer stay in East Village, Manhatten. So said… and back in his simple Hamburg backyard loft, young world traveller Tobias Schroeder started to find a place to realize his idea without knowledge and financial power… but with pockets full of what is worth more than money – enthusiasm. A name was needed – free of meanings and unmistakeable as a brand name – Khujo got registered international. Knowing places “to be” and beeing seen on every party at that time gave the basics for the still todays strong authentic and individual inspiration of khujo.

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Dead Pixel in Macbook Pro 17 HD Penryn after 6 weeks

I got my new Macbook Pro now for about 6 weeks. Of course I love it, because I got the total package: 17′ Display 1920*1080 pixels with LED Backlight, 4GB of Rams, 200GB HD with 7.200 rpm… everything you need to be happy :) . But at one of the last days – I can’t believe my eyes – I’ve seen some dead pixels at the top of the display.

I’ve read some news the last weeks, that other persons had similar problems too. But most of them only get this problems after “Sleep mode” or something else. Not the same problem I have.

I’ve sent this picture to my local Apple dealer, they told me that they can replace the display but it will take about 2 weeks… 2 weeks without working? That’s impossible.

Now I’m not sure what I should do, the pixels make me nervous:). I wanted to post a complete review of the Macbook, now you people have to wait.

I’ll let you people know what I do the next days. So stay tuned!

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Stylenews: Revolution Canada Leather Jackets

It’s not all about computers and electronics, everyone of us has a life outside of the digital world (hopefully :) ), so let’s take a look at the other nice things in life. I’ll now show you some of the fashion items I like.

To find good clothes is not easy, so I think with this shopping guide I can help you to find some for your life.

Today I’d like to show you some leather jackets that are really fabolous. They are from the danish label Revolution, also known as RVLT. The feature some different types of leather jackets, but I think the best of them is the Revolution Canada. It’s a classic 79s leather jacket that you can wear every day. The jackets are available at the german retailer Coutie, which is one of my favorites.

Hope you lke the jackets.

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10 good and free .com Domains #issue2

Hello everybody! I hope you hat some success with my last “Domain Name Guide“. It’s time for some new names. This is for everybody who is searchin for a good domain, that sounds good and that’s easy to remember!

If you’re getting sick of all that domain grabbers who took all the good names, you might like some of these:

If you’re looking for a name for your new company, homepage blog or whatever, this names might be a good choice for you. And – all of them are .com Domains. Everybody who is looking for a new domain name knows how difficult it is, to find a good name. So if you found the right one here, just go to your Webhoster and tell him to regiuster that name… You only have to pay the standard domain costs per year.

If you found a good name and take it, please let me know that. This would make me very proud

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